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Your handy calendar of Ueno⁠-⁠related events

At Ueno, we like to talk almost as much as we like to listen. That’s why we regularly host all kinds of events. And because our people are pretty great they often get asked to speak at other people’s events. It’s all here, on this page.

Want someone from Ueno to speak at your event? Looking for a space to host your own world-improving event? Let’s talk.

David at Awwwards Toronto

July 1st 2021

David Navarro, Executive Creative Director of Ueno NYC, goes to Toronto to talk about chaos and creativity.

Past events

David at SODA Academy

Museum of the Moving Image, Long Island City, New York
November 15th 2020

David Navarro, Executive Creative Director of Ueno NYC, co-leads SODA’s “Design & Creative.” The focus this year: Long-term growth of creative teams.

Marco at OFFF

August 26th 2020

What is the role of curiosity in the creative process? Can we systematize curiosity without killing it? Marco Coppeto, designer at Ueno NYC, explains.

Carrie at Product School

San Francisco
February 26th 2020

Carrie Ko, Executive Strategy Director at Ueno SF, talks about the Power of Users at Product School in San Francisco.

Chatty Hour with composer David Coulter

Ueno SF
February 6th 2020

David Coulter has directed, recorded, produced, and played with artists such as The Pogues, Kronos Quartet, Laurie Anderson, Yoko Ono and Gorillaz.

Halli at Pause Fest

Melbourne, Australia
February 4th 2020

Ueno’s “beloved” founder and CEO talks about what it means to create digital-first brands.

Chatty Hour with Scott Shigeoka

Ueno Reykjavík
January 30th 2020

Scott Keoni Shigeoka talks about his immersive theater production Second Chance, where participants looked back at their lives and faced their death.

David at Awwwards Digital Thinkers

January 23rd 2020

David Navarro, Executive Creative Director of Ueno NYC, goes to Tokyo to talk about chaos and creativity.

Melissa at In/Visible Talks 2020

San Francisco
January 16th 2020

Melissa Myamoto-Mills talks about Cultivating Curiosity: How Collaboration and Curiosity Fuel Creativity

Chatty Hour with Matt McCue and Amanda Tuft

Ueno NYC
December 5th 2019

Matt McCue and Amanda Tuft publish "The Creative Factor," an online publication exploring how people are redesigning experiences.

Chatty Hour with Brian Madden

Ueno SF
December 5th 2019

Brian Madden is an industrial designer and artist driven by a curiosity about cultural references, symbols, and stories.

Chatty Hour with Íris Indriðadóttir

Ueno Reykjavík
November 21st 2019

What’s the deal with chewing gum? Icelandic product designer and chewing gum expert Íris Indriðadóttir tells you everything you always wanted to know.

Kwok and Marco at Scribble NYC

NYU, New York
November 2nd 2019

Kwok Yin Mak and Marco Coppeto teach middle and high schoolers how to generate and develop ideas together as a team.

Chatty Hour with the teams behind Tían

Ueno RVK
October 24th 2019

A special Chatty Hour with the teams from Ueno and Tjarnargatan who produced Tían, a suicide prevention project for young people in Iceland.

Chatty Hour with Jesse Dittmar

Ueno SF
October 9th 2019

Jesse Dittmar is a photographer and author who takes portraits of people, both notable and regular, usually on his trusty Hasselblad.

Marco at OFFF

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
September 21st 2019

Marco Coppeto, Design Lead at Ueno NYC, takes the stage at this visual design festival featuring the world's most innovative creators.

Chatty Hour with Erin Pinkley of Zendesk

Ueno SF
September 6th 2019

Erin Pinkley is a designer and creative director in San Francisco. She paints shoes, makes award-winning pies, and runs the Brand Team at Zendesk.

Chatty Hour with Catalina Kulczar

Ueno NYC
August 29th 2019

Catalina Kulczar is a Hungarian photographer and director of photography, born and raised in Caracas but living in Brooklyn.

Chatty Hour with Alejandro Masferrer, creator of Triggers

Ueno NY
July 17th 2019

Alejandro Masferrer is the creator of [Triggers](, ideation cards for design, creativity, innovation and workshops.

Chatty Hour with Rachel Been

Ueno SF
July 11th 2019

Rachel is the Creative Director for the Material Design team at Google.