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Your handy calendar of Ueno⁠-⁠related events

At Ueno, we like to talk almost as much as we like to listen. That’s why we regularly host all kinds of events. And because our people are pretty great they often get asked to speak at other people’s events. It’s all here, on this page.

Want someone from Ueno to speak at your event? Looking for a space to host your own world-improving event? Let’s talk.

David at SODA Academy

Museum of the Moving Image, Long Island City, New York
November 15th 2020

David Navarro, Executive Creative Director of Ueno NYC, co-leads SODA’s “Design & Creative.” The focus this year: Long-term growth of creative teams.

David at Awwwards Toronto

July 1st 2021

David Navarro, Executive Creative Director of Ueno NYC, goes to Toronto to talk about chaos and creativity.

Past events

Marco at OFFF

August 26th 2020

What is the role of curiosity in the creative process? Can we systematize curiosity without killing it? Marco Coppeto, designer at Ueno NYC, explains.

Carrie at Product School

San Francisco
February 26th 2020

Carrie Ko, Executive Strategy Director at Ueno SF, talks about the Power of Users at Product School in San Francisco.

Chatty Hour with composer David Coulter

Ueno SF
February 6th 2020

David Coulter has directed, recorded, produced, and played with artists such as The Pogues, Kronos Quartet, Laurie Anderson, Yoko Ono and Gorillaz.

Halli at Pause Fest

Melbourne, Australia
February 4th 2020

Ueno’s “beloved” founder and CEO talks about what it means to create digital-first brands.

Chatty Hour with Scott Shigeoka

Ueno Reykjavík
January 30th 2020

Scott Keoni Shigeoka talks about his immersive theater production Second Chance, where participants looked back at their lives and faced their death.

David at Awwwards Digital Thinkers

January 23rd 2020

David Navarro, Executive Creative Director of Ueno NYC, goes to Tokyo to talk about chaos and creativity.

Melissa at In/Visible Talks 2020

San Francisco
January 16th 2020

Melissa Myamoto-Mills talks about Cultivating Curiosity: How Collaboration and Curiosity Fuel Creativity

Chatty Hour with Matt McCue and Amanda Tuft

Ueno NYC
December 5th 2019

Matt McCue and Amanda Tuft publish “The Creative Factor,” an online publication exploring how people are redesigning experiences.

Chatty Hour with Brian Madden

Ueno SF
December 5th 2019

Brian Madden is an industrial designer and artist driven by a curiosity about cultural references, symbols, and stories.

Chatty Hour with Íris Indriðadóttir

Ueno Reykjavík
November 21st 2019

What’s the deal with chewing gum? Icelandic product designer and chewing gum expert Íris Indriðadóttir tells you everything you always wanted to know.

Kwok and Marco at Scribble NYC

NYU, New York
November 2nd 2019

Kwok Yin Mak and Marco Coppeto teach middle and high schoolers how to generate and develop ideas together as a team.

Chatty Hour with the teams behind Tían

Ueno RVK
October 24th 2019

A special Chatty Hour with the teams from Ueno and Tjarnargatan who produced Tían, a suicide prevention project for young people in Iceland.

Chatty Hour with Jesse Dittmar

Ueno SF
October 9th 2019

Jesse Dittmar is a photographer and author who takes portraits of people, both notable and regular, usually on his trusty Hasselblad.

Marco at OFFF

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
September 21st 2019

Marco Coppeto, Design Lead at Ueno NYC, takes the stage at this visual design festival featuring the world’s most innovative creators.

Chatty Hour with Erin Pinkley of Zendesk

Ueno SF
September 6th 2019

Erin Pinkley is a designer and creative director in San Francisco. She paints shoes, makes award-winning pies, and runs the Brand Team at Zendesk.

Chatty Hour with Catalina Kulczar

Ueno NYC
August 29th 2019

Catalina Kulczar is a Hungarian photographer and director of photography, born and raised in Caracas but living in Brooklyn.

Chatty Hour with Alejandro Masferrer, creator of Triggers

Ueno NY
July 17th 2019

Alejandro Masferrer is the creator of Triggers, ideation cards for design, creativity, innovation and workshops.

Chatty Hour with Rachel Been

Ueno SF
July 11th 2019

Rachel is the Creative Director for the Material Design team at Google.

Design Your Talk Topic Workshop with Women Talk Design

Ueno NY
July 9th 2019

Do you want to start speaking at conferences? Join Women Talk Design’s workshop to help you get started, hosted at Ueno NY office.

Chatty Hour with Rik Lomas

Ueno NY
June 20th 2019

Rik Lomas is the founder and CEO of SuperHi, a company that helps creative people all over the world learn the skills they want to learn.

Designers + Geeks: Empathy in Design

140 New Montgomery, San Francisco
June 20th 2019

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills, designer at Ueno SF, will talk about empathy in design as a responsibility to clients and consumers alike.

Chatty Hour with Stephen Clements

Ueno SF
June 6th 2019

Stephen is the Chief Creative Officer at Y Media Labs, where he sets the YML vision and strategy for all things creative, design and product.

First Round by Under Consideration

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco
May 31st 2019

Our Creative Director Aaron Poe will join this one-day showcase of original presentations made to clients showing initial design explorations.

Chatty Hour with Simone Noronha

Ueno NYC
May 23rd 2019

Simone is an illustrator & art director. Her work is often published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, WIRED, Medium and Taste Magazine.

HRY SPACE Talk: "A Conversation of Digital Design” with David Navarro

HRY SPACE: 45 Renwick Street New York, NY 10013
May 16th 2019

David joins Andre Ribeiro, Design Manager @ Squarespace, and Gabriel Gianordoli, Visual Editor @ The New York Times, on a panel about digital design.

Chatty Hour with Rán Flygenring

Ueno RVK
May 16th 2019

Rán Flygenring is an award-winning illustrator. Her work is focused on conceptual illustration, visual explanations and graphic storytelling.

Awwwards SF Digital Thinkers Conference

The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco
May 8th 2019

Our founder and CEO, Halli, will give a talk on “Creating a Brand” at this conference for designers, developers, and digital dreamers.


A/D/O in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
May 2nd 2019

Uenoland! It’s the “conference” we always wanted to attend but never found. Until now.

OFFF Barcelona 2019

Barcelona, Spain
April 27th 2019

Ueno’s founder and CEO Halli Thorleifsson will speak at the annual creativity festival.

Chatty Hour with Meg Lewis

Ueno NYC
April 18th 2019

Meg is a designer making experiences for happy companies and a speaker and educator creating fulfilling lives for humans of all kinds.

Chatty Hour with Tori Hinn

Ueno SF
March 27th 2019

Tori is a graphic designer, writer, and sometimes photographer with a focus on people, equality, and feelings. She is the Creative Director at Figma.

Chatty Hour with Haik Avanian

Ueno NYC
March 21st 2019

Haik is an Armenian designer & artist who works on projects from 3D illustration, toys, sculptures, digital products, and everything in between.

Good Measure NYC

Ueno NYC Office
March 8th 2019

We’re hosting an event to design and build a brand & website for a nonprofit all in 72 hours with our friends Good Measure. Join us!

Chatty Hour with Claudio Guglieri

Ueno SF Office
February 28th 2019

Claudio is a Designer and Creative Director working on digital products based in San Francisco, California.

Chatty Hour with Felipe Rocha

Ueno NYC Office
February 21st 2019

Felipe is a Brazilian designer and art director who has worked with Spotify, Snapchat, The New York Times Magazine, Pepsico, Unilever, and Benetton.

*Special* Chatty Hour with Olafur Arnalds

Ueno SF Office
January 31st 2019

We’ll be chatting with Olafur Arnalds, Icelandic composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and all around nice guy. Note the special time: 1:00pm PT

Chatty Hour with Marta Caro

Ueno NYC Office
January 24th 2019

Marta is a Barcelona-born graphic designer and art director. Her work spans from interactive, branding and editorial, video editing, to art direction.

Designers + Geeks - Visions of the Future

Yelp Office, SF
January 17th 2019

Karli will discuss how to achieve your goals through a balance of presence and planning, and how we at Ueno make it happen!

Chatty Hour with Pablo Stanley

Ueno SF Office
January 10th 2019

Pablo Stanley is a Mexican designer based in San Francisco. He is the lead designer for the InVision Studio Platform.

Chatty Hour with Victoria Joh

Ueno SF Office
December 13th 2018

Victoria Joh is a Korean-American illustrator and designer interested in exploring human connections through storytelling and world-building.

Chatty Hour with Tandem

Ueno NY Office
December 6th 2018

Tandem NYC is the small-but-mighty design studio behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign brand and visual identity.

Dribbble Hang Time Los Angeles

The Theatre at Ace Hotel, LA
December 4th 2018

Ueno’s CEO Halli will speak at the full-day inspiration fest for designers.

Awwwards Conference

November 15th 2018

Our Executive Creative Director David Navarro will share stories about Ueno at the Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference in New York City.

Chatty Hour with Kosmoss

Ueno RVK Office
November 15th 2018

The team at Kosmoss specialize in capturing deep-space objects and delivering them to living rooms via metal Chromaluxe prints.

Chatty Hour with Reina Takahashi

Ueno SF Office
November 1st 2018

Reina Takahashi creates art with hand-cut paper. Her work has appeared in magazines, on book covers, as window installations, and more.

KIKK Festival

Namur, Belgium
November 1st 2018

Ueno’s Design Lead Marco Coppeto will speak about how designers can find their own voice, evolve, and lead the change we face every day.

Chatty Hour with Nicole Salmeri

Ueno NYC office
October 25th 2018

Nicole Salmeri is a director, editor, and photographer who has worked with clients such as Mini Cooper, Instagram, & Amazon Games.

Chatty Hour with Björn Steinar

Ueno RVK Office
October 11th 2018

Björn Steinar is a product designer based in Reykjavík who strives to bring societal change through his design practice.

Chatty Hour with Jennifer Hom

Ueno SF Office
October 4th 2018

Jennifer is is the Experience Design Manager of Product Illustration at Airbnb, where she is redesigning their illustration system from the ground up.

Chatty Hour with Thierry Blancpain

Ueno NYC Office
September 26th 2018

Thierry is a co-founder of Grilli Type and the principal at Informal Inquiry, a New York-based branding and interaction design studio.

Chatty Hour with Roman Muradov

Ueno SF Office
September 6th 2018

Roman Muradov is an award-winning author and illustrator living in San Francisco.

Chatty Hour with Ashley Christiano & Barjinder Singh

Ueno NYC Office
August 16th 2018

Ashley Christiano, Senior Marketing Manager and Barjinder Singh, Product Manager at Reuters will chat about the brand new Reuters News app.

Chatty Hour with Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Ueno SF Office
August 2nd 2018

Nicholas is Director of Development at The Long Now Foundation, a nonprofit organization working on the next 10,000 years.

Chatty Hour with Robert Surrency

Ueno SF Office
July 5th 2018

Robert Surrency is a product designer, photographer and mental health advocate based in San Francisco.

Chatty Hour with Iheanyi Ekechukwu

Ueno NYC Office
June 26th 2018

Iheanyi is a product engineer at DigitalOcean. He builds products and co-hosts the Two Black Nerds podcast.

Draft & Draw

Ueno NYC Office
June 22nd 2018

Get your pencils ready! Ueno NYC will host Draft & Draw at our Soho office from 7-10pm.

Designers + Geeks: Agents of Design

140 New Montgomery, SF
June 21st 2018

Our very own Aaron Poe will speak alongside Lance Cassidy, Founder & CEO OF DX Labs Design and Kristin Skinner, Head of Design Management at Chase.

Chatty Hour with Kelli Anderson

Ueno NYC Office
June 19th 2018

Kelli is an artist/designer and tinkerer who is always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences.

Chatty Hour with Tina Roth

Ueno NYC Office
June 14th 2018

Tina Roth Eisenberg (also known as swissmiss) is the founder of CreativeMornings and creator of other things like Tattly, TeuxDeux and FRIENDS.

SF Design Week Studio Crawl

Ueno SF Office
June 8th 2018

We’re opening our doors for SF Design Week’s Studio Crawl from 6-9pm.

Chatty Hour with Jared Erondu

Ueno SF Office
June 7th 2018

Jared Erondu is the Head of Design at Lattice, where he’s helping shape the next generation of employee-first HR software.

Chatty Hour with Robyn Kanner

Ueno NYC Office
June 6th 2018

Robyn Kanner is co-creator of MyTransHealth, and has designed with companies like Etsy, Amazon, New Balance, and Staples.

Haraldur Thorleifsson at Awwwards SF

Palace of Fine Arts
May 11th 2018

Halli, founder and CEO of Ueno, shares “Six stories from my life” at the design conference.

Chatty Hour with Heather Phillips

Ueno SF Office
May 3rd 2018

Come hang out at Ueno! We’ll be chatting with Heather Phillips, a design manager at Designer Fund.

Chatty Hour with Jeremiah Shaw

Ueno SF Office
March 1st 2018

Jeremiah Shaw works at Google designing 3D games for kids - previously at Dropbox, Apple and Color Labs.

Chatty Hour with Signe Birck and Danny Setiawan

Ueno NYC Office
December 7th 2017

We’ll chat with Signe Birck, a food photographer for NYC’s top restaurants, and Danny Setiawan, a UX designer who also runs a body painting studio.

Chatty Hour with Loredana Crisan

Ueno SF Office
November 2nd 2017

Loredana Crisan is the head of design for Messenger, an app used by over 1.3 billion people around the world.

Chatty Hour with Meg Robichaud

Ueno SF Office
August 25th 2017

Come hang out at Ueno! We’ll be chatting with Meg Robichaud, who leads the illustration team at Shopify.